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Acoustic Cover of I Don't Need No Doctor. Thanks for Watching! (topic)
There are a bunch of other Mayer covers on my Youtube Channel as well. If you like what you hear please like, comment, and subscribe, thanks!
Musician Forum


07/30/2016 7:17 AM
New Persicope Vid (7/2) / JM on Periscope playing PRS classical guitar (topic)
Did you guys see this? Quality isn't great, but it's cool to watch him play around on a classical guitar. Must have gotten it when he was in Maryland a few weeks ago.  [url]
Musician Forum


07/01/2015 9:45 PM
Acoustic Guitar Covers of Mayer's Songs Thread (topic)
Hey guys, I hope I'm not wrong, but it doesn't seem to exist a topic focused on acoustic covers of Mayer's songs. The "Guitar noodling" thread is for electric guitar and mostly for short clips of any artist's songs. This one is just for...
Musician Forum


03/07/2014 2:49 AM
Some John Mayer Covers from Me (topic)
Hey guys, haven't posted in a while but I binge covered a few Mayer songs in the span of a couple of hours and it would be great to get some feed back from you guys. Feel free to ask me anything about these covers or anything at all!...
Musician Forum


01/02/2014 9:19 AM
Something like Olivia (acoustic blues version) - Guitar Lesson (topic)
Hey guys! If you're trying to figure it out this might help you TAB is included on screen. Just trying to help here...not trying to promote anything. Check the description if you want the PDF TAB! Have fun! Sorry for performing with an...
Musician Forum


09/08/2013 10:47 PM
Acoustic Guitars - Decision Time. (topic)
I have narrowed my options down to 3 guitars; 1. Takamine EF341SC (£869) 2. Martin D-16GT (£1079) 3. Taylor 214ce (£833) I enjoy playing music from JM and Springsteen the most. I've played all of them at some time, but my local...
Musician Forum


08/08/2012 2:00 AM
Taking a guitar from the U.S to the UK. (topic)
I'm going to New York in a few weeks, when I'm there I would love to buy a new acoustic guitar (Martin D-16GT) I've looked into taking a guitar back to the UK, on other forums they say that the guitar will go in the undercarriage of...
Musician Forum


06/29/2012 7:10 PM
Martin D-16 (topic)
I'm coming to the US in 3 weeks time, and I am looking to buy a new acoustic whilst I'm over there. The prices in $ are still cheaper than the prices in £! I've tried out a few guitars in my local store, the one that really caught my...
Musician Forum


06/25/2012 11:22 PM
What model of Martin is this? (topic)
Can anyone tell me what model of Martin this is?It looks like a D-18 to me, but can i just get some "clarity" please.
Musician Forum


06/25/2012 6:47 PM
John's old acoustic guitar. (topic)
Does anyone know what guitar John used on "Inside Wants Out" / "Room for Squares"?I know it will probably be a Martin but any idea what model?Thanks
Musician Forum


04/10/2012 6:26 PM
My Good Love Is On The Way Cover >__ (topic)
I went through Good Love a couple times after feeling compelled to learn it. I went on a whim with some of it, but most of all just wanted to share music with people I hope you enjoy it~ feedback is welcomed and appreciated....
Musician Forum


03/26/2012 1:28 PM
Belief Acoustic Cover (Intro) (topic)
Hi guys,Guess i'm kinda new here so...... hey everybody!I've just recorded a cover of Belief, if you wouldn't mind taking a few seconds of your time to have a look I'd really appreciate it!'s...
Musician Forum


04/04/2010 3:27 PM
All We Ever Do Is Say Goodbye (topic)
Dont know if this is exact but this is how i play it. Chords are listed before the lyrics they are played over. All We Ever Do Is Say Goodbye By John Mayer Tuning: Half Step Down Chords: E, C#M, G#M, G7, C#M, F#M...
Musician Forum


12/02/2009 1:24 AM
The Essential Acoustic Maintenance Thread (topic)
Alrighty everyone, i just recently brought home a Morgan Monroe M-30 Guitar. It's such a boontifun (beautiful in my asian fob voice) guitar. So now... i'm wanting to compile a thread here for everyone to know what is the most...
Musician Forum


02/05/2009 7:53 PM
Acoustic Amp & Strap recommendations (topic)
Okay, so i've had my OMJM for about 9 months now, but i've never really gotten around to picking up a strap for it, or an acoustic amp. Any suggestions? I'm leaning towards a black leather strap of course, and as far as...
Musician Forum

DJ iD4

08/02/2008 8:38 PM
buying a nice new acoustic guitar - your input! (topic)
Hey guys! I have played my Cort MR-100F for quite a while now, and I realize I am needing a better sound. I want to buy an acoustic guitar and I am kindly asking for your input. - if you suggest i buy new, please name some brand...
Musician Forum


01/05/2008 6:00 AM