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May 22nd — Born & Raised Turns 5 (topic)
may 22nd is right around the corner, which means "born & raised" is about to turn FIVE. i remember my first listen from 3/2 and that 5/21 reed space pop-up shop like they happened yesterday. "walt grace" popped on my itunes yesterday...
My Stupid Mouth


05/15/2017 2:20 AM
JM-related Fan Tattoos (topic)
this deserves its own thread. i have zero tattoos and will probably always have zero tattoos, but it's cool seeing what you guys have. there's probably a thread from years ago on this, but we might as well start fresh. prompted by...
My Stupid Mouth


05/09/2017 3:28 PM
$20 Summer Tour Tickets From 5/2 - 5/9 (topic)
it looks like john's included in this live nation promotion that starts on 5/2 — $20 concert tickets.if you were holding out because the price was too high for you, or if you don't care where you sit, you should check this out. (i have...
My Stupid Mouth


04/26/2017 12:23 PM
Charity Auctions: Front Row Tix + Meet & Greet Passes (topic)
this was posted on john's official channels the other week, but i'm signal boosting the info because it might've gotten lost in your feeds between all of the amazing setlists, photos, and videos, and the photos of your friends' kids. did...
My Stupid Mouth


04/25/2017 8:39 PM
The Search For Another Guitar Pick Laminate in Edmonton 04.17.17 (topic)
Am sitting in the VIP lounge, after having had the tour, having adobe chicken quesadias and a beer (the name of which escapes me). I have the shameful rectangular laminant, so no meet & greet for me. Saw a coveted guitar pick...
My Stupid Mouth


04/18/2017 12:49 AM
05.03.17 - The Search for Everything in Amsterdam, Wave 2 (topic)
Hi everyone, I'm a new user, but have been following MSM for quite some time now. Since I couldn't find a thread for the Amsterdam shows, I thought I might as well make them. I will only attend this show, so not the one on May 2nd, but...
My Stupid Mouth


04/12/2017 12:40 PM
4.19.17 Vancouver BC (topic)
We're just over a week away. I can't be the only one planning to go!
My Stupid Mouth


04/12/2017 2:25 AM
MSG Spring 2017 Recording: jm2017-04-05.4023.5012.stereo192.flac16|24 (topic)
MSG available here: share 24-bit under separate cover if anyone wants it.  I'll follow with Albany and Montreal (both 4015-TL > Neve > Mytek).  Albany is my...
My Stupid Mouth

jones chris

04/11/2017 3:46 AM
The Media Interview Thread - TSFE-style (topic)
so i'm guilty of using the main album thread to talk about the NYT piece, but to someone's point in that thread, some gems could get lost. see or hear an interview about TSFE? post it here.first up, the charlie rose interview, which i...
My Stupid Mouth


04/05/2017 5:27 PM
Montreal - 4.1.17 (topic)
So, there's really a show tonight, yeah?? Not a joke? Really though, didn't see a show thread, but if I'm totally blind just merge this.I'm not going but I'm already so excited to see what he pulls out after last night's show. I believe...
My Stupid Mouth


04/01/2017 5:38 PM
03.31.17: Kicking Off The Search for Everything in Albany, NY (topic)
for the life of me, i can't find a thread for tomorrow's show. if there is one and someone can top it, i'll merge it.i KNOW people on the board are going to this on because they're taping it, so have at it, folks in my state's capital...
My Stupid Mouth


03/30/2017 4:21 PM
If (You're) Help(ful) Tell Me Now: Volunteer With REVERB This Tour (topic)
hey guys - REVERB/VHIP is back, like i told you they would be.apply to's more info from the page:Help spread REVERB’s message of sustainability in music, support the Veterans Health and Integration Program, and reduce...
My Stupid Mouth


03/21/2017 1:24 AM
FULL ALBUM RELEASE THREAD: The Search For Everything (04.14.17) (topic)
So The Search For Everything album comes out April 14... That's awesome news!!! What's song will be on it? . (We will have 6 new songs) Maybe: In The Blood; Never On The Day You Leave; Golden... P.S. Please Richard Young make a new...
My Stupid Mouth


03/01/2017 5:31 PM
08.23.17: It's Just a Wave at Jones Beach (topic)
i had to. who else will be at my favorite new york venue for this show?~jocelyn
My Stupid Mouth


02/28/2017 2:33 PM
Online auction for 2 tix to the April 21st LA FORUM SHOW (topic)
Knock Knock.Who's there?DD Who?DRH with a link to an online auction for 2 tix to the April 21st LA FORUM SHOW along with a meet and greet, that's who.Every year, my son's school has an auction to raise funds to supplement the school's...
My Stupid Mouth


02/25/2017 6:21 PM
IMPORTANT: Register for Verified Fan Presale (topic)
happy wave II day, guys. i know some of you spotted the verified fan presale stuff on ticketmaster. you've gotta verify yourself here: then you'll be able to take part in that presale.pasted from...
My Stupid Mouth


02/24/2017 4:43 PM
04.15.17 - The Search For Musicsota (Saint Paul, MN) (topic)
Anyone else attending this - or anyone have any great Minnesota recommendations for a new time visitor!?
My Stupid Mouth


02/05/2017 3:32 PM
4.3.17 - The Search for Everything, Eh! (Toronto) (topic)
I haven't seen a thread for the Toronto show on April 3. Judging by the craptastic tickets I have, I can't be the only one going. Anyone planning to tape? I'm 3x5ing it and not even bringing my camera this time because I want to enjoy...
My Stupid Mouth


02/04/2017 1:24 AM
04.12.2017: John at the Schott (Columbus, OH) (topic)
Haven't seen a thread for this show yet. Indiana boy heading to his favorite college (OH!) for an overdue JM fix! Just got my tickets, my buddy and I are on the floor in section 6! should be good seats! I am going to try and record,...
My Stupid Mouth


02/03/2017 5:41 PM
4.9.17 The search for a wicked good time - Boston (topic)
Anyone going? Anyone get the m&g package? I did! Hoping to meet a new friend!
My Stupid Mouth


02/02/2017 3:55 PM