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WTB: Upgrade for Fender Blues Deluxe (topic)
Hi guys,  I currently own a Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue, which has a 1x12 speaker. The cleans are really good, but I don't like the overdriven sound the amps gives. I also want more stagepower, so 2x12 would be great.  Can you guys...
Musician Forum


09/07/2015 12:05 PM
Crossroads Cover (topic)
Hey guys, check out this Crossroads cover/improv I did. Leave some feedback if you can!
Musician Forum


02/08/2014 7:00 PM
Some John Mayer Covers from Me (topic)
Hey guys, haven't posted in a while but I binge covered a few Mayer songs in the span of a couple of hours and it would be great to get some feed back from you guys. Feel free to ask me anything about these covers or anything at all!...
Musician Forum


01/02/2014 9:19 AM
Something like Olivia (acoustic blues version) - Guitar Lesson (topic)
Hey guys! If you're trying to figure it out this might help you TAB is included on screen. Just trying to help here...not trying to promote anything. Check the description if you want the PDF TAB! Have fun! Sorry for performing with an...
Musician Forum


09/08/2013 10:47 PM
Who Did You Think I Was Noodling (topic)
Hello! I'm Ian and I'm new here on the forums. If you guys have the time, you could check out a little noodling I did on Who Did You Think I Was. I'm playing on a John Mayer signature strat and a Fender Princeton Reverb. Hope you guys...
Musician Forum


08/03/2013 9:59 PM
Jason Ricci and New Blood (topic)
I've been diggin this guy for about a year, but he's been around longer.  He now has a guitarist that's pretty well respected from what I understand.  Jason Ricci plays the harp and Shawn Starski plays the guitar.  Their...
Musician Forum


06/01/2010 6:57 AM
Useful Guitar Related Websites (topic)
Hi folks.Think we should start this thread were we can share awesome and handy guitar related websites.It could be sites teaching about theory, sites with smart tools for practice or even gear related websites.Personally I tend to read...
Musician Forum


04/18/2010 9:41 PM
My first composition john mayer 'style enjoy inside !!!!!!!!!!!! (topic) Hope you like it Thanks john for inspiration
Musician Forum


02/26/2008 5:57 PM
blues junior tubes (topic)
Hi all, Ive got two issues with my blues junior - firstly, its a little boxy. secondly, i want it to break up at a higher volume, as the my od comes from my pedals. does anyone have experience swapping speakers or tubes in this and...
Musician Forum


06/26/2007 9:34 PM