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John Mayer Amp Rack (BnR/PD Tour) (topic)
I was watching the Road Session videos and found this 'clear' shot of JM amp rack. I can identify a couple of Bricasti M7 reverbs (absolutely gorgeous reverbs), a Fulltone Tube Tape Echo. But on top seems to be a power conditioner and a...
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09/11/2015 2:06 AM
WTB: Upgrade for Fender Blues Deluxe (topic)
Hi guys,  I currently own a Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue, which has a 1x12 speaker. The cleans are really good, but I don't like the overdriven sound the amps gives. I also want more stagepower, so 2x12 would be great.  Can you guys...
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09/07/2015 12:05 PM
Seeking Advice on Replacing Tubes in Amp (topic)
Hey, guys! I am currently own Fender Pro Junior that has tubes that need to be replaced. I bought it in '06 and it was stocked with 2 x 12X7 preamp and 2 x EL-84 power tubes. I am only just becoming more versed in information regarding...
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12/11/2014 3:36 AM
For Sale. Two Rock Jade 1x12 combo. (topic)
I am selling my k&m Two Rock Jade 1x12 combo. Amp is in like new condition and comes with soft cover. This amp was produced around 2002-2004. Only about 30 of these were made, with only a handful being combos. Amp has 3 channels...
Musician Forum


05/26/2014 9:59 PM
FOR SALE: Bugera 6262 (topic)
Hey Guys! For sale is my Bugera 6262 combo guitar amplifier.  I bought it at Guitar Center a couple of years ago.  Since then it hasn't left my house and is currently in near mint condition.  Amp is all stock with 6L6 output tubes.  With...
Musician Forum


05/21/2013 5:29 AM
Transporting a tube amp. (topic)
I know it's a rookie question but I would like some advice from people who have done it. I recently (last week) bought a Vox AC-30 (my first tube amp), and tomorrow I have to go to my friends house with it. He lives approx. 10 miles...
Musician Forum


09/21/2012 9:40 PM
Two questions about Any Given Thursday (topic)
1. What model of Martin is John playing in songs such as: "3x5", "Why GA" and "Wonderland"? 2. I can see a Fender Tone master but what is the amp beside it (to the right)? Thanks!
Musician Forum


04/23/2012 10:38 PM
Best amp. (topic)
Hey there, I don't have a budget that could stretch as far as a JM sig two rock. I've got about $1300 (£800) to spend on an amp. I'm just wanting an amp that I can use in the house and the occasional small gig. I'm looking for an amp...
Musician Forum


04/16/2012 3:36 PM
Two Rock Amp | Premier Builders NAMM Private Party & Show (topic)
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01/17/2012 12:26 AM
Two Rock Studio Pro 35 (topic)
I just bought one and I am waiting for it to come in.Just wondering if anyone on here owns one?Hoping to spark some conversation about settings etc...Any info from anyone with experience would be greatly appreciated!
Musician Forum


11/04/2011 4:56 AM
Dr. Z Maz 18 JR "NR" head for sale (SOLD) (topic)
I'm gonna take the plunge and buy a Two Rock. Love this Dr.Z amp but I can't afford both. $1100 shipped anywhere in the US or Canada O.B.O.
Musician Forum


10/26/2011 6:42 AM
My new amp! (topic)
Just got my new amp in today. My Roland Cube 15 wasn't really that exciting anymore. The new amp is a Fender '63 Vibroverb Reissue from the early 90's. The original Oxford speakers have been replaced with Jensen C10Q instead.I only...
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04/20/2010 10:12 PM
Loud amps in gig environment (topic)
This is a horribly amateurish question, and i know I probably should have put it elsewhere...but i couldn't find the right place (search function throws up single posts that aren't relevant) so...We all know John gets a lot of his tone...
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I Want The Monterey Strat

03/14/2010 4:18 PM
Amp modification and repair (topic)
First of all, I would like to thank those who helped me in the decision making process for purchasing a tube amp. I finally made the investment in a Hot Rod Deluxe and could not be happier with it. Despite my happiness, I have realized...
Musician Forum


07/18/2008 3:48 PM
BDRI/HRDX mic placement (topic)
This could really just be an 'Amp Mic Placement Crash Course,' but how does everyone decide exactly where to place the mic on your amp for recording/live playing? I'm reading different things from different places.
Musician Forum


11/17/2007 4:30 PM
Amp problem (topic)
Hey guys, I just bought a super reverb off ebay. The amp is making a noticable crackling noise like tissue paper crinkling, and also a noise that sounds alot like wind going into a mic. My guess is that this is tube related but I...
Musician Forum


09/29/2007 5:47 PM
john mayer sound with amp (topic)
ok i want to know what amp can get me that clean sound of john mayer's from heavier things, room for squares, any given thursday but also get a good overdrive whether it be i have to use a pedal what one would be good? also ive...
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Unregistered User

07/26/2007 7:06 AM