Hey there,
been trying to sell an old guitar we had lying around, an epiphone dot - I have a USA strat myself and prefer its tone to the hollow body, so it just wasn't being used. Had it for sale for a while with no bites, but have been offered a trade for an Aria Pro ii Fullerton guitar. Strat style guitar by the look of it but can't find a ton of information about them online, I have asked the seller where it was made, as I've seen most Fullertons were made in the USA, but some were made in Korea and Japan. 

Can't upload pictures of it from my phone but it's god a red stratocaster shaped body, although I'd say it's more pointy on the edges, with a red headstock, rosewood fretboard and tortoise shell pickguard. 

Just wondering if it is worth the trade - I value the dot at around £200 so do I go ahead with the deal or hold out for a better offer on the dot?