Hi guys!

My name's Audrey and I'm a huge fan of John.
I live in France and, unfortunately, there hasn't been a date scheduled for The Search For Everything Tour in my country, and London and Amsterdam are sold out (yes, I was planning on making the trip, despite of the expensive cost, to get a chance to see John live).
I thought : "Maybe the tour planners don't know about the huge Mayer fanbase in France. Maybe if they did, they would schedule a date, because they'd see they won't loose any money doing so."
So I made a petition to get a chance see John in France (we have many good concert halls, plus great food and wines, and craving fans) and I'd like to ask your help to help spread it up.
Here is the link, if you don't mind sharing on social medias.
Many thanks in advance for your help, take care! 🌊 <3 🌊