Hey friends,

I get that I may be a little biased, but I keep listening to The Search for Everything and thinking about how it's so much better than other new music I've been hearing. How does an album become considered for Grammy nominations?  Is it based on sales? Can fan support/promotion help at all?

I imagine it has a lot to do with the political music machine, but it'd be cool to see John get the recognition I think he deserves on this one. 

- Insightful lyrics... check. 
- Masterful producing... check. 
- Fantastic guitar work... yep. 
- Envelope-pushing album release process... you got it. 
- Pino and Steve... Come on. 
- Production value of his multi-set solo tour... Best I've seen in a while.  
- Bridging the generational gap as Dead & Co. frontman, and keeping the tradition alive... Essential
- Controlled Danger..: Outside the box. 

I know some of these aren't directly related with the album, but if you consider the entire package, John is on fire right now. 

Just some thoughts for your day. 

Happy Summer, all.  

- Brody