Hey all-

John here, just checking in to say hello and let you know where my
head's been at lately and how things are going in general. Oh, and I hope
you're all doing well. Okay, here goes.

I can safely tell you that this tour is the best I've ever *been* on
stage. Not just playing-wise, but just in terms of being present. I've had
the thrill of playing with some of my biggest heroes lately, and sharing the
stage with them has been the most intense schooling of my life. I've made it
no secret that I'm figuring this all out as I go along, and a big piece of
the puzzle has been found. I realize now that all I have to do is go up on
stage with my guitar and play whatever songs I want to. That's why you've
seen the set-lists change so much. It's been a blast to be on stage these
days. Part of it probably has to do with...

...The fact that I have no tour planned after this one, making it the
first time I've enjoyed myself in the moment without worrying about the next
round of traveling to come rolling down the pike. It makes this tour one big
Friday afternoon. I'm going to go home in September and learn some more
guitar. I want to get better playing the acoustic, because right now I'm a
sloppy little boy on that thing. Oh, and as always, more songs. I have the
flow of the record plotted out but I don't have all the tunes. The inside of
the front cover in my notebook is this track listing of song types, not
titles. That's new for me, but creation is a funny looking assembly line.

Some of you might have heard that "Come Back To Bed" is the new single.
I can't tell you how much this song means to me, and how long in the making
a single like this has been. You all know I've had a love of the blues for
as long as I've had a career in music, and I'm betting everything I have
that now is the time to "show my hand", so to speak. It won't be easy,
because it's not an obvious fit for the radio, but it's what means the most
to me. And who cares about what fits, anyway. Nothing fits anything anymore.
The world is a drawer of mismatched socks. Hahaha!

Let's see... What else... That might be it. I feel like I could lie
about anything right now and you'd believe it. I'm going to LA at the end of
September to lend a hand on the Oceans Twelve score; apparently they're
having some trouble making musical ends meet. I'm going to pilot a rocket to
the sun, where I will be the first man to surf flames. In November I will be
lighting the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree. I will be the new national
spokesman for the disease known as creeper penis. I will train to be a
ninja, with concentration on implied invisibility. I'm happy to announce
that my script for "Semantics: The Movie" Has been bought by Mattel Films
and will go straight to Viewmaster. I'm a busy man!

I hope you're all having a great summer, and I'll see you soon. Thanks
for caring. It's only music now.

I'll be around,