John Mayer Newsletter -

Hey there, fancypants!!

Johnny here, with a few updates...

* Just wanted to let you know that my CD, "Inside Wants Out", is
now available for online purchase. Just go to and click on "merchandise". No more
having to send in a check!!!
* The live show was a smack-bangtious (new word) success,
and will make a nifty 11-ish track CD. Right now it looks like it'll
have 4-ish songs from IWO, 6-ish new tracks, and 1-ish cover
song. For those who are curious, both shows contributed to the
CD almost equally-ish.
* I might have made it sound in my last e-mail that the live CD
will be available only to those who can make it out to shows...
Anyone on God's green earth can have one, but you just have to
make it snappy.

*To the Chicago-area peeps... I'll be playing at the House of
Blues this Friday night. Doors open at 7:30, and I'll be on soon
after that. They tell me I'm only playing for about 15 minutes or
so, (I'm opening for Delbert McClinton), and the cover charge is
$22.50, so if you mention this e-mail at the show, I'll give you a
free CD. I'm good, but I'm not $1.50 a minute good.

That should do it, I think.

Be Good,


Letter courtesy of Pat T.