Hey, everyone, John here....

a few points of interest for the month of February:

* The show dates:
Thursday, February 3 - Uptown Tap, Columbus GA - show at 10:30, $4.
Wednesday, February 16 - Eddie's Attic, Decatur GA - special
writers-in-the-round show with Michelle Malone and David Ryan Harris, show
at 8:00 pm- 404-377-4976 - I'll be sure to make it a different performance
than my headlining show.
Friday, February 25 - Eddie's Attic, Decatur GA - shows at 7:00 (all ages)
and 9:30 (21+) Tammy Fowler opens the 9:30 show - 404-377-4976
* Some of you may have realized by now the absence of all things "Blue
Dot Music". I've made the decision to leave Blue Dot management so that I
can have more of a handle on my career. What does this change mean for
you, the music listener? Very little, thankfully. One thing you'll notice
is that you won't be receiving any schedule cards in the mail for a while.
I've finally succumbed to the postage nightmare that is mailing hundreds of
people a month.
* My web site has been newly designed, and now has a message board, bio
sheet, and other updated pages. Visit www.johnmayer.com.
* Lots of you's guys (Northern 'y'all') have asked about the possibility
of a live album in the near future. I've been taping all my shows in the
past several months, so it's always a possibility. You can definitely expect
more live MP3's in the coming months.
* Has your CD been stolen by a friend, and they won't give it back? Did
you get it lost in your 300-disc changer? Order another one by visiting the
site and clicking on the link entitled "merchandise" and buy another one!
You'll have it jiffy quick.
* On the touring front, I won't be traveling out of the southeast in
March, but I'm still looking to head north in April.
That's all for now. I hope everyone's feeling good, and maybe I'll see
you soon...


Letter courtesy of Carl B.