Greetings Gals + Fellas...

Sorry it's been so long since I last wrote you. Can you feel that end of the year-ness? I sure can, except for me it feels like the end of a 2-and-a-half year-ness. I remember the day I packed my Plymouth Voyager and drove from Deluth, GA to Maryland. That was October of 2000, and I haven't really stopped working since. Thank you guys for making these years so colorful and musical. I'm glad (once I think about it for some time) that theres a message board devoted to me sustained by people who are normal and cool enough to realize that I wouldn't want there to be a site with nothing but blind audulation. You guys are cynical and I love it. Good for my head. By the way, the ticket fairy says hi. She's currently bitching about how she gets no love (Yawn).

On December 7th I'll return home for a while. Some of you may remember my saying I was moving to L.A...I tried for a second, but New York is my love. I'm gonna disappear, learn how to waste time, and anything and evertything I see. Shit, I'm gonna learn about new products out there just so I can buy it. I think I'll buy a hat made of Yak testes for 20,000 dollars, with an additional 10,000 in getting it shipped from Senegal. No, really...I'm gonna recompress and live a domestic life. If you see me on the street in NYC, please come up and say "Hi, neighbor!" I could use that these days.

Of course, I'll be working on a new cd almost immediately. I just have some DVD box sets to watch first. Thank you for never believing it til' you see it and for the most part, digging it when you do. You guys are the coolest fans.

Happy holidays, and thanks for changing my life. Sleep well, feel joy, stay happy.

John Mayer
Chicago, IL Nov. 16, 2002