Friday, July 26

Hey There, you esoteric MSM'ers...

I try every once in awhile to sign in and take a peek at what you guys are talking about, but I can't make sense of it, and I'm the guy the board is about!

Maybe I should take this time to address some questions that are outstanding...not outstanding in the fantastic way. Just as in..."have yet to be answered." I figure since you're all so aquainted with the questions by now, I'll just give the answers. Here they are in no particular order:

1.) No.
2.) No.
3.) That's impossible. When have you ever seen anyone do that?
4.) Straight all the way, but I'm flattered.
5.) No.
6.) No.
7.) Never happened.
8.) Do you want to hear my side of the story?
9.) It was her mothers dry cleaning.
10.) Richard Young is, of course!!

The shows so far have been tremendous. Why? Mostly because of the fact that the 22 hours of my day that I'm not on stage are now spent relaxing and getting prepared for the 2 that I am. I'm living a pretty normal life out here. Cell phone service is exceptional, and even better, I hardly rely on it anymore. I just keep to myself in the back lounge writing new songs. Which, I have decided, you will not hear until a next CD, whenever I'm able to make one. I'm trying my best to preserve the experience of buying a new "Me" CD and wondering all the way home what a song called "Split Screen Sadness" sounds like. You may not act like you care, but you do. I'm loving the songs we play live, especially "Something's Missing." I haven't started sucking yet, I don't think.

Other than that, all is well. I have a bit of a belly, I am travelling (one L) light and I masturbate in the shower daily sometimes without my even wanting to. (I'm thinking of pressing charges, but you should see the puppy dog eyes I give myself. Too cute!)

Okay, time to sleep...thanks for sticking with me through some shall we say...environmental changes. I know you get nervous for me when you see the stakes get higher, but as always, I got this one.

See you out there,
John Mayer

RalphWiggum41, are you 12?
bonkadonk, lay off Chopek. It's not becoming of you.
MarcNU, you are a good egg.
chikako, i promise to play comfortable at every show you see.
LauritaJD, you are suprisingly cool for someone so...devoted.

Go play frisbee!