Hello, MSM'ers . . .

Johnny here. Been a while since I've last written you guys. All is well out on the road. I've been out since January 28th and I've just stopped counting the days where I am when I wake up. It's a good thing actually. Even though my itenerary is printed out and hanging on the wall, I just take it one day - one show - at a time.

Now I'm that guy from MTV. That's a new facet to the job. It's a good thing that what I do is so organic...it means that we can all safely enjoy the plastic stuff knowing that it won't change the heart of what I do. The TV stuff is fun. The live shows are the truth. That's why I'm happy my first video is me on stage. No chasing "evil me" in slow-mo, or pining after a "hot" video girl, who, by all accounts, is really not that hot after all. Fun, fun stuff.

Other changes...I wish I could meet everyone who wants to say hello, but I just can't anymore. Which sucks, because there is no way to go about it without looking like I'm a big-headed rock star. And if you think I'm super famous now, just remember, I just walked through a crowded mall with no problems, so there. Ha ha.

Stay tuned to johnmayer.com (sorry Richard, but you've got competition). Scotty Crowe is coming back on the road, which means...(drumroll) DAILY ROAD JOURNALS! And an overall site update is in the works. Stay tuned for some online movies starring the Van Hooligans. It's coming. I promise.

Time to take off and go to Wal-Mart. They sell my cd now. Maybe that's my biggest achievement to date.

Stay well and I'll see you soon.


P.S. - Richard Young is a ladies man. You should have seen them grabbing for his Young Richard.