Hello, hi.

John Mayer here, just keeping you up on what's happening lately. I hope you're enjoying your Summer so far. If you're in the middle of a fling right now, you might be feeling the pressure of yourself or the one you think you love having to leave soon. A little tip from your uncle John: if you talk about being apart, you might as well be. Enjoy the romantic over-compensating for father time's cruel games! Talk about leaving after the boxes are taped closed.
Write notes to one another while you're actually around to hand it to them. And, if you're alone this summer, you've probably come from visting all the websites I'd recommend to you. On to the latest...

*Has your "Inside Wants Out" CD been stolen? Do you need one to keep in the stereo on your paddleboat? Do you not even HAVE ONE? Now you can get one online at www.johnmayer.com.

* an MP3 of "Your Body is a Wonderland" is now available at
johnmayer.com. It'll be featured on the upcoming LIVE CD.

* and what about this LIVE CD, you ask? Well, I gotta be honest with you and keep you up to date on it's status. The tape of the show still has not been final-mixed. I won't throw some arbitrary date out at you and enjoy the temporary comfort that it might bring...

*Because things are changing very quickly right now. Plans are being made to record a full-out CD in September. I shouldn't really tell people that, because the fall-through factor on these kinds of things are high. I just don't feel like keeping anyone in the dark on what's going on. This would be the CD you and I have been waiting for... A John Mayer CD that's more for parties than it is for meditation groups. I want my CD to become warped and melted by cigarette ashes and stinking like beer. So just know that if the live CD doesn't come out right away, it's because something better is happening. And yes, it would mean a record deal...

*which means that I'd have the support it takes to tour the USA. I'd be on the road in the fall, in your neighboring city. But for now, here's the latest live dates for August.

LIVE SCHEDULE (more to come)

***Thurs. Aug. 10 - Seven Stages, Atlanta GA - 11:40 PM (20 minute set) - $8 all ages

THE SCOOP - I say stay home for this one. $8 for a 20 minute set is re-cock-ulous.

***Fri., Aug. 11 - Cotton Club, Atlanta GA - 10:00 PM (45 minute set) $8 18+

THE SCOOP - This is my first "band" show in Atlanta. I'd say if you're the centimental type, this might be a fun one to see. The other acts on the bill are great, what with David Ryan Harris and Jennifer Nettles Band playing as well.

***Thurs. Aug. 17 - Smith's Olde Bar, Atlanta GA - Opening for Kevn Kinney - 9:30 PM (45 minute set) $10 adv. $12 at the door

THE SCOOP - Kevn Kinney doesn't have the (arguably)
necessary 'I' in his first name. Sources say he presented it to his band, Driivin' and Cryin' one night as part of a drunken act of brotherhood.

***Wednesday, August 23 - 40 Watt Club, Athens GA - split bill with Michelle Malone -THE SCOOP- This is gonna be a great one. I'm going to start the night, Michelle's going to play after me, and then we'll both play some songs together.


further on down...

September 6 - show with David Ryan Harris at Smith's Olde
Bar, Atlanta GA

September 10 - opening for Dave Matthews Band at Lakewood, Atlanta, GA

September 16 - Eddie's Attic, Decatur, GA

September 20 - 40 Watt Club - Athens, GA - headlining show

October 20 - Reg's Coffehouse presents... Birmingham, AL

That seems to do it for now. I hope everyone's feeling well, and I'll see you at the shows!

be good,

Letter courtesy of Jocelyn