John Mayer July Electronic Message
Thu., July 13, 2000

Hello, Hi.

Just wanted to keep you all informed as to what's been going on lately. You'll find this electronic message to be jam packed with information about what's to come, but with nary a "wassup" or "final answer" reference. Wait. I think I just...Nevermind! (If any of you send me an electronic mail waxing ironic, I'll vote your ass off the island!!)

*I'll be playing at Eddie's Attic on Saturday, July 15. We'll have fun. You can listen to me sing and I'll watch you get drunk.

*For you guitar playing people, I've put up the tablature for "Neon" just as you requested. Now you can amaze people at parties by playing perfectly a song they've never heard of.

*Hello, Athens, GA. I haven't forgotten you. I'll be at the 40-Watt pretty regularly when school kicks back in. Come on down and show off them brand new sneaks your mom bought you in mid-August but wouldn't let you wear until you left for college. (Why does she DO that?) I'll be playing with Michelle Malone in August and headlining in September.

*The world-wide-web site now features a message board where you can drop me a line and tell me how wonderful my music is. If you write anything less than that, you'll be bombarded by posts from people telling you you're dumb. I didn't come up with the idea, it just kind of happens that way.
*Expect an MP3 from the new live record to appear on the site in the next week. For those who voted, it's going to be "your body is a wonderland." it's a smooth sexy song performed by a tall, clumsy young man.

* MTVs "the real world" (note from me--NEW ORLEANS season) will continue to featuire my songs. See if you can spot one next week. I also make a cameo as a roofer who comes in to wash my hands and enjoy a quick beverage.

*Upcoming shows: A split bill with David Ryan Harris at Smith's Olde Bar and opening for Dave Matthews Band (on the side stage) in Atlanta on September 10.

*To the fans in Birmingham, I'll be back in your city very soon, so keep listening to Reg's Coffeehouse for details. a "reg's coffeehouse presents" live radio show is being planned.

*Everyone else, I'm working on it : )

Onward and Upward,

Letter courtesy of Jocelyn